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This ensures that you have the best reception possible.

We will go over a list of songs that you might find helpful in putting together the music for your reception.

If you’ve ever been to a whisky show, you know the drill.

Tables form aisles, and in front of every table is a throng of people — at times impenetrable, depending on the popularity of that particular whiskey — brandishing Glencairn glasses while a harried brand representative scrambles to give everyone a pour while fielding occasional questions shouted out from the throng.

There are generally three songs for the grand entrance, one for the parents, one for the bridal party and one for the bride and groom.

Father Daughter Dance Songs This is one of the harder songs to pick for your dance.

I had an amazing time, and I pictured a way to expand the concept and make this into an entire evening. Instead of grabbing a Glencairn and joining the fray, attendees to Lurin’s event, which he called The Water of Life, grab a Glencairn and then receive a “dance card,” a schedule of brands and tables for them to visit.Reception Music Choices Receptions are an important part of the wedding day.