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In addition, the survey also sought to elicit the input of leaders on common reasons why Catholics choose to marry outside of the Church as well as particular challenges faced by the Church's cultural and ethnic families.2100 surveys were distributed and 384 were returned, of which 355 had substantial responses to the open-ended questions about the landscape of marriage in the Church today and best practices and strategies.The most cited reasons by leaders for why Catholics do not get married in the Church were a lack of knowledge about the faith and a lack of connection to Christ and the Church.Respondents reported that many couples do not see the value in marrying in the Church or understand the difference between a sacramental and civil marriage.It is open, honest conversation, wherever that leads. And then we have an evening in which a Buddhist sits across from an atheist, and a liberal Lutheran sits across from a conservative evangelical. Some share stories of hope and powerful religious experience, while others talk about why the church is no longer the place for them, and still others say they’ve abandoned God years ago. When we can sit and learn from someone who gave up his Catholic faith in college and has subsequently been practicing Buddhism for over 30 years, something is happening.When an atheist who gave up his religious views because of deep philosophical considerations, yet is interested in issues of meaning and life enough to join us and contribute — something is happening.In 2014, the Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth conducted a survey of Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Directors, Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Directors, and college Campus Ministers about the state of marriage in the Church.The goal was to identify current best practices among leaders for 1) promoting marriage in the Church and 2) helping those in irregular marital situations (couples married outside of the Church).

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On the first Friday of each summer month we gather to laugh and catch up. On winter Sunday afternoons we share Open Gym with other adults in the parish. We are answering the call to Catholic Social Teaching. This diversity is reflected in the large number of people from various nations coming to this country whose median age is in the early to mid-twenties." ("Who are Young Adults?

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