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You must refresh your browser for latest realtime positions.The white dashed line is the track of the moon and the golden dashed line is the track of the sun.After gold was discovered there in 1848, thousands of prospectors, investors and businessmen made their way to California, at that time a new territory of the U. By 1850, California entered the Union as a free state. The demand for a faster way to get mail and other communications to and from this westernmost state became even greater as the American Civil War approached. In the late 1850s, William Russell, Alexander Majors, and William Waddell were the three founders of the Pony Express. As of March 18, Campbell remains in the El Dorado County Jail in Placerville on 0,000 bail (0,000 each for pimping, trafficking and pandering of a person under threat). Of the five women arrested or cited on misdemeanor charges, one remains in jail on prostitution charges.

The lowest track of the sun is on 'Dec 21st' (Winter Solstice) as seen on the graphic.

The bulk of our work remains in Northern California and the West Coast, although we continue to provide customers outside this area with various levels of support from advice to construction.