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Pigeon John’s delivery pays a big debt to old school hip-hop, and his organic instrumentation follows artists like the Roots (among many others).

But his success isn’t one of originality; it’s one of sheer joy.

We'll do a mix about the man in the coming weeks, in order to introduce those who still haven't heard him to the cool sounds of Pigeon John... Or how, with the right mind state, sipping coffee in your backyard can turn you into "a young Sean Connery in Cabo"; at least while "So Gangster" sets the soundtrack.

The songs ran out of my hands and grew up like children.

His shows are stripped down and legendary, melding energy and humor. He is defining his generation and making music that is present, now and destined to become the soundtrack to many lives.

Here I go again Drifting from home And I'm all alone Driving on the ten Freeway late at night (yes) Going towards the shore But what the hell for Cause all we're gonna do is fight [chorus:] I'm pretending what I feel Trapped inside Was not real And tell me all I need to know Yet it blows away And I'm all a...

Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer (CD/Digital) Quannum USA 2010-10-12, Other Tongues Australia 2010-11-19, Elektriks Collection/Discograph France 2011-03-07 Los Angeles-based indie rapper/singer/songwriter/rocker and funny man Pigeon John is back with and houses the signature Pigeon John humor and witty rhymes, but with more rock and pop sounds. Control went out the window, and the songs stood on their own two feet without my help. That's all I have to say, plus give me a pint…" The dragon that Pigeon John slays isn't just the malaise of a quarter-life crisis; it's all the little obstacles and stories that come together to make a person.

With the aid of keyboard wonder General Elektriks' Hervé Salters, Pigeon John produced the whole record, including, for the first time, recording and chopping up his own instrumentation rather than just flipping samples and banging on an MPC. It's that moment of realization, as PJ details on the head-nodding harmonies of "Buttersoft Seats", when buying a nephew's new Jordans suddenly becomes more important than owning the hottest whip on the block.

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Chunjay: Yo, I took her out Connections on my mind for the whole dang route Crew bringing the Ruckus Flatline: No doubt, no doubt Chunjay: She be straight up sumptuous, a dangerous shout Flatline: She’s deadly man, she could rip your world apart Chunjay: The beauty is there but there’s a beast in her heart The way she looks away it’s like a calculated game The struggle on her lips just to tell me thangs Coy and cocky, goes back and forth The joy and the rocky, she knows true north Am I just a chess piece, a pawn in her strategy? Ignore my boys’ warnings and fall to her gravity Keep me coming back oblivious to tragedy Diggin’ every minute not just goin down a checklist It all started with this dish out in Austin, Texas You can wear that dress and I’ll don this new suit “Shoot they look so cute” we gonna turn them heads around We gonna boogie on the dance floor to that Royal Ruckus sound Squats down to the ground cause we move it like Orange Theory We connecting through our movements when our voices can’t carry You can bury my body, sometime but not tonight Cause I’m looking to boogie til the morning flicks up light Kicks and flips and vodka club with lime I’ll show some tips and tricks you’re my partner in crime For those sweet eyes, I would die I could do this every night for a whole lifetime Flatline, Chorus 1: One hand up and get in the zone Two hands high, open eyes, set the tone Microphone check checkah gonna shake a hip bone Be a melody, a love like I never known Flatline, Verse 2: I’m getting all the signals right, but the brights are on Kept the spirits light, ran the marathon We walked the whole lake, took all afternoon Thought we felt bridges shake, thought we sang a tune Getting lost in that moment, stars shine a little brighter When ya flick it like a lighter, tapping like a type writer Your love is like a fighter gonna give it all its got And words are getting longer gonna lose my train of thought We grow like a garden, we pear (pair) like a tree Love is the pardon, we’re buzzed like a bee Like a bribe to the warden, like I’ve been set free Now it’s just you and me…just you and me Chunjay & Flatline, Chorus 2: Never known a love like this Never grown so close to bliss Never thrown my self in’is Now I found home in a kiss Coconuts Verse 1: Chunjay: I’m not a dope rapper, I play one on CD Been writing booty lyrics since 1993 If I date myself I’d like some wine and cheese Candlelight dinner, invite this young lady Flatline: I’m a dapper catch you can call me mahi mahi I’ll run the seamen’s boat, just you try to stop me Chunjay: Ever since I met her, I had this frame of mind My mental is a goner with these pictures in rewind Like VHS at Blockbuster won’t you be so kind Two by two into the ark we will populate and bind Flatline: All the different shades all the different ways All the different grays in a fuego kinda blaze I feel the fire’s power think I got a little burned A tiny little spark from those lips as they upturn Chunjay: Up up and away, I’m Sooperman* Chunjay I’m flying in the sky, high on this new bae Flatline, Chorus 1: Co-co-co-co-co-co-co-coconuts Co-co-co-co-co-co-co-coconuts Flatline, Chorus 2a: I’m into this new girl she’s funny and she’s chill Don’t make a lot of money, she don’t got a lot of bills Like the nape and her necklace I’d like to caress this Simple sexy cute she got no need to impress this Chunjay, Chorus 2b: I’m into this new girl she’s funny and she’s chill Listens to my raps digs the choruses and fills I’m sending Ruckus rhythms right down her block Me be to she what key be to lock Verse 2: Flatline: Summer of cicadas we went down to sandy beaches We were making all the noise we were soaking up sun reaches Ethical fajitas in Chipotle’s dining room Six bucks won my heart with salsa number two Chunjay: Guacamole’s extra, not everything is cheaper Liking her online, Instagram a creeper We went to Grouch & Eligh, watched them tear it up Vodka and a lime and club soda in her cup We walked across the tracks squeezed the juices out of life We made minute maid out of twists and of the strife Flatline: My girl is all the bestest, laughs and all the restest Took her out for tacos, out in Austin, Texas This girl has got me crazy, the chemistry amazing Coconuts and vodka, liquor don’t phase me Chunjay: Better living through chemistry I call it love tazing Cupid and his arrows got us seriously love dazing Verse 3: Chunjay: That was the Co-co-chorus hookah lounging over there We spent all of our time, drinking Buddha beer They say that time is money so I closed out my account And gave it all to her in large unmarked amounts Flatline: White envelopes for lovers, don’t forget to lick the stamp Plant your feet facing forward toward your lovers little camp Chunjay: Make like a tree and get your coconuts for free Eat the meaty flesh drink the milk upon your knees Flatline: The bird gets the worm but the squirrel gets dees nuts It’s not what you’re thinking it’s just my puns all get the butt Chunjay: Punny you should say but my girl don’t even play She’s not that kinda girl got me using my long game Strong to the finich I make her garlic spinach I read up on the labels she likes to know what’s in it I cook her grass-fed steaks put some meat upon her ribs Flatline: Maybe you’ll make babies and put kids up in them cribs We Are the Music Makers Flatline, Chorus: We are the music makers, we make up the scene We’re not the imitators, we rap Ruckus kings We don’t heed those haters, instead we run things We are the innovators and the dreamers of dreams Chunjay, Verse 1: 1998 was when we started the deal Three high school kids with a dream that was real We wanted to have fun and push positive music We wanted to run things the way that we choose it Deathless ditty, we build up the city We wanted to rock mics and date girls who were pretty A touch of techno and a bit of ska Eclectic is the best description of all We made some friends made connects and such Rocked Vegas and Hawaii and got bad haircuts Grits, Pigeon John & Spoken Nerd Sackcloth, the Duke & my main man Dirt Just four years and a handful of members We were bout to go national the end of November It was a good ride but it died before long And before I hang my hat I’m gonna drop this song Chunjay, Verse 2: Ocean blue sea breakers by the ball takers Never gave a bit about fighting all the fakers One man with a dream can conquer a crown And two rappers with a beat can take a kingdom down Or your record can flop at the store You can hustle for cash and you can still be poor You can make lots of jokes and ride tour busses You can upset the folks with your Royal Ruckus Look, everything is built on the past of the earth Each age is dying and each dream’s a birth A breath of inspiration in each generation I’m glad we walked this way and avoided stagnation DMC, Beasties, Soup the Chemist We all get a second then we have to be finished We rode this ride and my only regret Is we took this long to make a record perfect Chunjay, Verse 3: I drop these rhymes for my personal use I never cup the mic that’s hip-hop abuse Life after death or death after life A maze we didn’t choose but we might choose which knife Some choose right but others choose demise I don’t know a whole lot but I’m banking on a prize Or at least a Lord have mercy love of God don’t hurt me The music sings a song that I just need surgery We do what we can and so we make this record Like Peter Paul & Mary got years together Imma let you finish dudes lowered the bar Let’s turn that around and raise the rap beat charts No vision amazing no house they are raising The only way forward is heavy trail blazing Every singer sings and then he stops Every rapper writes and then he drops Narrator: Cicadas live very full lives while underground. The long period of time spent doing these things prepares them for their eventual emergence to the eyes and ears of all. Foxly Fools they wanna box me for being so fresh Never claimed to be a savior I’m not David Koresh I’m not down with ATF we can chill at my house Grill up some steaks, roast a batch of buttered Brussels sprouts Chunjay, Verse 2: I broke up with my girl she didn’t like my cologne Now I’m giving it a whirl at being alone I’m far too tough to die like Joey Ramone I don’t mean to pry but have you seen the Flintstones?

Production: Flatline, Chunjay Mixing, Engineering, Co-Production, Mastering, Additional Scratches, Everything but the Kitchen Sink: DJ Sean P at TWLVS in Fort Worth, Texas Vocal Production/Consultation: Krum Pre-Mixing: Flatline, Chunjay, Krum, Shedlyn/Chris Felix, Annex, Grizzly Beatz, David Mathewes Background Vocals: Flatline, DJ Sean P, Chunjay, and Friends Executive Producer: Chunjay The Waitress Song Chunjay, Verse 1: Just leaning on the bar minding my own (business! ) came a woman I’d date She was slinging out snifters, handing out plates She had a way with words, had a way with pints Had a way with six ounces poured in flights She looked so great in her outerwear And the way she smiled had my mind impaired She rocked that apron like she just dont care New Edition Bobby Brown button as her flair A satin rose, she was so intriguing Every word flowed smooth like she was singing Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Rene Happens all the happy hours round my way Flatline, Bridge: Now I’m aware of what you do Thinkin’ I might take the cue Few more minutes ’til I work the nerve to get the digits!