New bill mandating solar energy

10-Sep-2017 18:08

One of the lawmakers who sponsored Senate Bill 843, Sen.Bill Cook of Beaufort County, said the more renewables projects proliferate, the more they prompt complaints about safety, appearance and adverse effects on property values that must be addressed in a comprehensive fashion.Activists and energy experts are alarmed by the measure, which would levy steep fines on utilities that continue providing (or provide new) "non-eligible" clean energy for the state's electricity.But they are skeptical it will get enough support to become law.It's an unprecedented attack on clean energy in Wyoming, and possibly the nation.

Indonesia eliminated its gasoline subsidies and capped diesel supports.According to information obtained from the Tradewinds News, the Japanese GMS chemical tanker was carrying 9,000 tons of raw palm oil and a substantial (unknown) amount of this was spilt into the surrounding waters.The Guangzhou authorities dispatched nine vessels to assist and contain from reports we have seen, yet the Hong Kong government claim that they were not told of the spill until Aug. By the time the Hong Kong government found out, large amounts of this palm oil began washing up on Hong Kong's southern beaches.And California, home to the world’s eighth largest economy, is poised to be a climate leader.

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While Trump has promised to “cancel” the Paris Agreement, California is still committed to drastically cutting emissions and getting half of it’s energy from renewable sources by 2030.(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)California Senator Scott Wienerintroduced legislation on Monday that would require certain buildings erected in the state to be equipped with solar panel installations.