Deelishus dating

31-Oct-2017 16:33

That’s what i said too, but the young man has a daughter about the same age as Deelishis’ daughter and they seem to be playing some weird version of “House.”I’m still trying to believe this is some sort of joke. Like a way to make a youngster popular, but I just don’t find it very funny, or a healthy way of going about it.This is a grown woman, and he is obviously a little boy.She later deleted the post, but other recent shots of the two have been pointed to as evidence that they might be more than friends.SEE ALSO: A Tale Of Two Timelines: How Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Tweeting Their Way Through Divorce Wiz also posted a video of Deelishis backing it up to his track “Ass Drop” (a song Amber Rose also twerked to for him): In a recent interview, however, Deelishis remarked that she and Wiz are just friends, for now.This time she’s dating The Boss, Rick Ross, who famously dumped his last big booty model Lira Galore and caused the young girl to end up on a TV show asking Iyanna to fix her life.

There are pictures of Stevie J and Deelishis together, and they definitely look like more than friends.

Apparently, Stevie has already moved on and is dating another reality star.

Now that he’s been seen out with Deelishis, fans are wondering if they are a new couple and if she’ll be joining the show.

In one photo, the new couple can be seen walking hand in hand.

It all began when the former Flavor of Love star accompanied a young man to his high school prom. Delishis’ mess on the floor like they were sorting a months worth of dirty clothes.

But it’s safe to say Stevie has already bounced back with another reality TV chick.