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01-Feb-2018 08:11

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Founded last year by serial entrepreneur Craig Stack, the company is currently rolling out beta tests of its technology for insurance, online dating, home rental, car rental, classified ad and beauty companies. Investors include former Thomson Financial Chief Executive Jeffrey Parker, Platinum Technology Founder Andrew Filipowski and Harvard Business School professor and venture capitalist William Sahlman.

Using this feature, C2 now has better insight into what’s working and what’s not, allowing them to isolate and fix problems without disrupting an entire campaign.

They can also more easily identify and reward high performing affiliates.

The picture came after Sonia claimed on Today Extra on Monday that she saw the blonde sneaking around her Melbourne hotel after 6.30am.

While discussing the metallic dress Sam wore on the red carpet, Sonia dropped the bombshell that she had seen the reality star on the tail end of her night out.'Can I just say, I was walking through the foyer of the Crown hotel and I saw Sam Frost still wearing this dress,' the TV host quipped.

That online dating is just getting her life back on track.