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The Connecticut-based newspaper was established in 1764 by printer Thomas Green as the "Connecticut Courant" and is known for being America's oldest newspaper in continuous publication, according to its website.In fact, the Courant's slogan to this day is "older than the nation." The publication boasts some impressive historical moments, too.The area of France is 207,107 square miles; it has a coastline 1560 miles and a land frontier 1525 miles in length.In shape it resembles a hexagon of which the sides are: (1) From Dunkirk to Point St-Matthieu (sands and dunes from Dunkirk to the mouth of the Somme; cliffs, called , extending from the Somme to the Orne, except where their wall is broken by the estuary of the Seine; granite boulders intersected by deep inlets from the Orne to Point St-Matthieu.(6) From Mount Donon to Dunkirk (an artificial frontier differentiated by few marked physical peculiarities).France is the only country in Europe having a coast line both on the Atlantic and on the Mediterranean; moreover, the passes of Belfort.(4) From Point Cerbére to the mouth of the Roya (a steep, rocky frontier from the Pyrenees to the Tech; sands and lagoons between the Tech and the Rhone, and an unbroken wall of pointed rocks stretching from the Rhone to the Roya).

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(2) From Point St-Matthieu to the mouth of the Bidassoa (alternate granite cliffs and river inlets as far as the River Loire; sandy stretches and arid moors from the Loire to the Garonne; sands, lagoons, and dunes from the Garonne to the Pyrenees).