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Other studies have come to diametrically opposite conclusions, but did not get any publicity.

Required reading for anyone campaigning to retain parental spanking. Aimed at parents who spank, or are wondering whether to do so or not, suggesting how to avoid doing it abusively.

Australia ¦ Canada ¦ Cuba ¦ Europe generally ¦ France ¦ Germany ¦ Greece ¦ Ireland ¦ Jamaica ¦ Netherlands ¦ New Zealand ¦ Samoa ¦ Spain ¦ Sweden ¦ Switzerland ¦ United Kingdom ¦ United States ¦ The World Excellent essay (from Canada, but of universal relevance) challenging some of the simplistic myths and disingenuous sermonising put about by the anti-spanking brigade.

It questions how violence in society can be attributed to spanking when there was more spanking in the past, but less violence than now: "Even without a Ph D in sociology, the average person, using his common sense, should be suspicious of studies that claim spanking increases societal violence".

This deception is making most of the people This has caused me to pray much for a way to destroy this blindness, and now I have it. Being "too busy with the cares of this life" is exactly what our King warned against.

Note: The following article is from the May 2000 issue of The SPECTRUM Newspaper.

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Known as Klausenburg to the Germans* and Kolosvar to the Hungarians, Cluj became Cluj Napoca in the 1970s, when the communist regime added the name of the old Roman settlement to emphasize its Daco-Roman origin. The Prime Minister is portrayed, not for the first time, as a cold, scheming plotter, which seems about right, if you bear in mind that some cold scheming plotters aren’t always that good at cold scheming and plotting, as we’ve discovered.